Friday, September 22, 2023

Nobel Foundation cancels Russia, Belarus, Iran invites to annual prize awards.

STOCKHOLM, Sept 2 (Reuters) – The Nobel Foundation said on Saturday it would not after all invite the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus and Iran to attend the

Nobel Prize awards ceremony in Stockholm this year, reversing an earlier decision after widespread criticism.

Last year, the foundation left out the ambassadors of Russia and its ally Belarus because of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.


The foundation said on Thursday it would invite them, and Iran’s ambassador, to this year’s prize award ceremonies in December, commenting that it sought to include even those who did not share the values of the Nobel Prize.

That announcement prompted the leaders of several Swedish political parties to say they would boycott the ceremonies.

“We recognise the strong reactions in Sweden,” the foundation said in a statement on Saturday.

“We, therefore, choose to repeat last year’s exception to regular practice – that is, to not invite the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus and Iran to the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm.” …