Channel One: Shahram Homayoun Une Lettre de Interpole (Assal Pahlevan)

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  1. Mano says:

    Dorood aghaye Homayoon,

    I have an idea which is highly more effective to reach all type and socity class in Iran.
    The idea is based on to showing a short film of Iran without molla regime.
    The film must capture from a real time of Iran , it means video clips from street , metro , parks , schools, home, mosque etc.
    After the all clips captured from inside Iran, in this stage your team can editing all clips the way shows how wonderful life waiting for all iranain without molla regime.
    The film shows how all Iranians can live beside each other without any fear and the film shows a contrast of socity from relgious people to non-relgious people.
    The film lenght must be approximatly 10 minutes.
    The film can shows how people celibrate all old Iranian festivals such as Azargan , Mehregan, Norroz etc,
    The film also shows sorrow days Tasua and Ashoura and how the NON-Religious has recpect for these mourning days too.

    The film shows for example people in street with differnce clothes with Hijab and without, inside metro , schools, shopping centers, TV screen at home, mosque etc.


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